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Tel Aviv offers so many options for a night out: pubs, local and international music playing at one of the clubs, jazz bars, Israeli concerts, restaurants, a nice stroll at the scenic Newe Tzedek or the hype port, and events and festivals held all year round, especially during the summer. And with so many people coming from all over the country and the world, it is definitely the city that never stops! At any time of the day or night, you will find people on the streets, spending their time at night at a bar or a 24 hour café.

Going out tips:

When: People start going out around 8 PM, which goes on until about 4 AM. Most of the restaurants are open until midnight, who may offer night menus starting at 11 PM. Local bars usually start to fill up around 9 PM. If you are planning to go to a popular bar, especially on Thursday to Saturdays, make sure not to be late, or it may take you a while to get in. Dance bars get packed by 1 AM, and continue all night long.

Where: There are several entertainment areas, each having its own atmosphere and type of people.

Age: Bars and clubs are checked for ID, where the entrance age changes according to the specific place.

Tipping: Most waiters and bartenders live on tips only, therefore, tipping is customary. 12 % is the official rate.

Alcohol: Most bars and clubs offer a wide variety of alcohol, cocktails and draft beers. Israelis are not big drinkers, therefore drunks are not very common.

Main areas in Tel Aviv:

Florentin: A very hip neighbourhood in the south part of Tel Aviv, on Florentin Street. There are many young people in this area, with a wide variety of bars, cafes and restaurants. It may not be the cleanest neighbourhood, but it’s a great place to meet people.

Neve Tzedek: This is the first neighbourhood in Israel, which is a collection of small, historical and picturesque houses. It is considered the most stylish place to live in, with a much laid back atmosphere, having cafes and bars along the narrow streets. Like a small Europe in Tel Aviv.

The port: It is newly renovated, and the ultimate place for night life. You can take a stroll along the wooden boardwalk, or go to one of the many, bars and restaurants which are open late.

Yad Harutzim: The southern part of the city, which is large and loud. There are Mega bars and clubs, which usually open at 12 AM, and continue all night long. It is an industrial area, where you can find some of the finest restaurants as well.

Lilinblum & Nachalat Binyamin (Rotschild Quarters): This is the oldest nightlife area in the city. There are bars lined up one after the other, therefore, perfect place for bar hopping.

Dizengoff & Ben Yehuda: These are the 2 longest streets in Tel Aviv. Most of the bars are small and designed to fit the neighbourhood residents, which means that around 11 PM you can not find a spare seat.

On the beach: This is the hot spot during the summer time, where tourists and locals come to enjoy the water and sun during the day and alcohol during the night. There are bars spread along the beach front, starting from the port and all the way down to Jaffa.

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