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Tel Aviv was officially founded in the year 1909. After many debates, the name Tel Aviv was finally chosen, which symbolizes the past and the future. "Tel" is an archaeological site that reveals layers of civilization built one over the other and "Aviv" means spring.

Today, almost a hundred years later, Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel and the biggest commercial and cultural center. Surprisingly, Tel Aviv has an estimated population of 390,100, but many more spend their days and nights in this non stop city.

Tel Aviv is a city that both Israelis and foreigners get addicted to. It has beautiful beach strips and green parks and gardens, along side with a developing urban culture seen in its growing number of skyscrapers.

A Mediterranean style city with a European culture, which has a large variety of entertainment venues, shopping malls and stores, and plenty of restaurants, cafes and pubs.

For a relatively small city, Tel Aviv has a lot to offer:

For those who are into culture, there are many museums and galleries that offer both historical and modern art, and theatres that offer plays, dance and music in a variety of styles.
For those who like to shop, there are big shopping malls, fashion streets, and exotic markets.
For those who enjoying eating and its experience, there is a huge variety of tastes offered in countless restaurants.
And for those who like to lay back or party it up, there are cafes and bars located around just about every corner, and excellent clubs throughout Tel Aviv.

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