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There are seven ways you can make your way around Tel Aviv:

  1. Car: One of the biggest problems in Tel Aviv is parking. Not only is it difficult to find a parking spot in Tel Aviv, it is also difficult to understand its weird parking regulations. If you still insist on taking your car, you can either park in a various paid parking lot spread throughout Tel Aviv, or on the street, where you to pay. Watch out for the traffic inspectors! They are everywhere, all the time!
  2. Bus: There are 2 bus companies that operate throughout all of Tel Aviv, north to south, east to west. The main one is Dan, and the other one is Kavim. Buses stop operating Friday afternoon, and start again Saturday night around 8 PM.
  3. Sherut Taxis: This is a mini van taxi, with bus routes and rates (5.5 shekels). They run in certain routes, throughout the city, just like the bus, but they do not have fixed stops, so you need to flag them down. There is line 4 (on Ben Yehuda south), 5 (on Dizengoff Street south, but doesn’t reach the train station) and 66. 4 and 5 run until 1 AM on weekdays and 2 AM on weekends.
  4. Special” taxi: Basic taxis, where you can flag them down on the street, or order one from a taxi station.
  5. Bicycles: A bicycle is a great way to travel around Tel Aviv, since it is mostly plateau and the centre is not too big. There are bus lanes on the following streets: Nordau Ave, Ben Gurion Ave, Bnei Zion Ave, Rotschild Ave, soon to be Ibn Gvirol and the promenade. There are iron stands throughout the city, to which you can attach your bicycle.
  6. Scooter: When arriving in Tel Aviv, you will immediately notice the massive amount of scooters on the road and sidewalks. You can rent a scooter for a day, just be cautious. To rent a scooter you must have a suitable international or local driving licence. When riding, you must wear a helmet, and must be 18 years old if taking a passenger.
  7. Foot: Most of the year the weather is great, so put on a pair of comfortable shoes and enjoy Tel Aviv.

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