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Tel Aviv is the perfect place for people who like to eat out, or simply grab something on the go. It is a city that offers a wide variety of food items, from fancy gourmet restaurants, to simple, but tasty fast food.

For those who appreciate good quality and fresh food products, Tel Aviv offers restaurants in almost all the styles of the world. From typical Jewish and Middle Eastern food, to Asian, Indian, French, North African, North/South American and European cuisines.

Food is not only offered in restaurants, but in cafes, bars and clubs as well. There are places that are open as a café in the morning, and then become a restaurant in the afternoon, and a bar at night. Bottom line…Wherever and whenever you will be in Tel Aviv, you will never go hungry.

You can also enjoy the “business meal” offered by most restaurants, which is a fixed menu, with a special, reduced price. The hours are usually between 12 – 5 pm, and on weekdays only. Good for travellers who are on a budget.

There are many popular restaurants that are recommended to make a reservation by phone, especially for dinner time.

Here is a quick explanation of typical Israeli fast foods, which is offered throughout Tel Aviv on the street:

Hummous: A spread which is made from chick peas and served on a plate with tehina, offered in a few variations.

Tehina: Ground sesame seeds, made into a sauce.

Falafel: Fried balls of chick peas, served in a pita, with salad, tehina, and other toppings you can chose from.

Shakshuka: Cooked eggs, made in a spicy tomato sauce, which is eaten with bread.

Sabich: A pita, filled with fried eggplant, potatoes, hard boiled egg, tehina, and other toppings you can choose from.


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